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Shooting Stars Preschool at Gym Star Sports Center (GSSC) successfully combines early childhood academics with physical fitness to create an ideal learning environment that prepares kids well for kindergarten. Using the highly touted "Handwriting without Tears" curriculum, Shooting Stars Preschool instills in children a strong sense of self-discipline and enhanced self-esteem.

A critical component of our Shooting Stars program, gymnastics -- with its bilateral movements and other moves such as tumbling, has been shown in children to improve communication between the brain's two hemispheres. Daily gymnastics also creates an opportunity for gross motor skills development - further advancing a child's learning capabilities. What's more, reading relies on a balanced coordination of both brain hemispheres. The combination of reading and gymnastics is a proven winning formula for producing optimal academic performance!

GSSC Shooting Stars Preschool OBJECTIVES
  • To promote Self Confidence

  • To support Social & Emotional Growth

  • To create Independence

  • To develop Language Arts Skills

  • To promote Small and Large Motor Skills

  • To encourage Cognitive Learning and Kindergarten Readiness

  • To provide a Fun, Loving, Diversified Learning Environment for Young Children to Grow, Play, and Learn!

Shooting Stars Preschool Schedules (Will return in the Fall)









This new daily program provides a time for children to do gymnastics, interact, listen to stories, experience art and take part in a variety of preschool activities. Children will bring lunch, and eat together. Afternoon Adventures is open to children 3yrs and up as well as Shooting Stars students.

*no discounts apply to Afternoon Adventures.

View our other class SCHEDULES at GSSC that includes Times & Days & Descriptions.
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