Why Study Dance?

Many young girls dream of becoming ballerinas, but very few actually make it to the ranks of world class ballet companies. There are many examples of well known people who studied dance and were able to use those skills and training later in life. So what are some of the things that ballet training help with that will be useful in the future, and who are some of those famous people you might recognize?


Ballet dancers are easily spotted in a crowd because of the way they hold their heads and the way they move when they walk.  They seem to be gliding across the floor as they move through a room.


The structure of a ballet class always includes “floor exercises”. These combinations of steps are completed in the middle of the floor as a group, but each student is seen and corrected by the teacher. There is always a section of the class that has the students practicing the combinations individually. These “mini performances” help to develop confidence and stage presence.


Ballet dancers develop a keen sense of coordination and mental skills as each set of technical skills is done on the right side and the left side. While most dancers favor one side over the other, every dancer must learn all of the steps using both sides. The mental and physical result is increased coordination and symmetry.

People you may recognize

So how do these skills help in life? Just ask these celebrities who once dreamed of being a ballerina!

audrey-hepburnAudrey Hepburn studied ballet under one of the leading figures of Dutch ballet. She put those skills to use in the film Secret People.





amy-adamsAmy Adams apprenticed with a local ballet company before she made it big as a actress with some lovely dancing in Enchanted!





zoe-saldanaZoe Saldana studied at the ECOS Espacio de Danza Academy in the Dominican Republic before she embarked on a career in acting with the break out movie Center Stage.