Building Ballerinas One Step at a Time

Who is a ballerina?

A ballerina is someone who dances ballet. Gym Star Dance will open the world of ballet and dance to its students teaching them the language of movement. The body learns the most basic elements first – ballet steps are the words. The basic steps build on each other and become combinations – like sentences. The combinations become more complex and complicated – just as our sentences become more complex as we grow and learn.

Steps Become Choreography

At Gym Star Dance, our students begin with the same basic steps as all ballet dancers do – plies, tendus and releves. The dancers in this video are from Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle.  They are doing the same steps that we teach our students, but they have several more years of practice under their belts!

Choreography Becomes a Performance!

We will begin the year learning the steps which will quickly build to combinations that becomes choreography for our first performance! Our students will begin preparing for the winter production of “Polar Express” at the same time they are building their knowledge of ballet. They will be able to see how the steps they learn are directly used in the creation of choreography that makes a performance.

So join us at Gym Star Dance this September, and put December 10th on  your calendar for “Polar Express”!