Choosing your Gym Star Dance class

Gym Star Dance Overview

Gym Star Dance offers creative movement, classical ballet and hip hop classes for ages ranging from 4 years to 18 years old. Classes are offered in 2 sessions. Session 1 begins September 6th and ends December 9th with a winter performance of “Polar Express” on December 10th. ┬áSession 2 will begin after the New Year and end with a performance in late May/early June.

Class Descriptions

GymStarPreschoolDance-7Ballet-Gymnastics Combo (ages 4-6 yrs old): this class will introduce ballet fundamentals while still engaging active young children in exercise and fun. Half of the class will be spent in the dance room, and the other half will be spent on the gymnastics floor. A great opportunity for little ones who aspire to be a ballerina and an Olympic gymnast!

beginner balletBeginner Ballet (ages 5-7 yrs old): ballet fundamentals and classical music will be introduced. Creative movement and “original choreography” will be explored as the young dancers practice controlled movements.

Beginner Ballet (ages 8-10 yrs old): for the older beginner with more motor skills and control.  This class will focus on the progression of ballet fundamentals and introduce the concept of choreography and expression.

first-ballet-class-article-1Intermediate Ballet (admission by instruction): this class is for older beginners and dancers with some ballet experience. The pace will be faster with more ballet elements introduced. The goal of this class is to move the students closer towards readiness for pointe work.

hiphop3Beginner Hip Hop (ages 6-8 yrs old): fun, energetic, age appropriate movement to contemporary dance music.

Intermediate Hip Hop (ages 9-12 yrs old): also fun and energetic with longer combinations.

Hip Hop (ages 13-18 yrs old): come and learn competition level hip hop moves!