Come Dance With Us!

Gym Star Dance Begins A New Year!

Gym Star Dance is beginning its first full season as part of Gym Star Sports Center and looking forward to a great year!  Gym Star Dance offers ballet-gymnastics combo, beginner ballet, intermediate ballet and hip hop classes.  We will finish our first session in December with a winter performance, “Polar Express”, at the Whatcom Community College theater. So sign up today, and Come Dance With Us!

Plies, tendus, and pirouettes – oh my!

Ballet classes at Gym Star Dance range from ballet-gymnastics combo for our youngest dancers (ages 4-6) to intermediate ballet for dancers with some ballet experience or older beginners (ages 10-16).  Our ballet instructors, Lee Van Wagnor and Laura McKinney, have many years of training and performance experience and will tailor the class based on the ages and skills of the students.  Our winter and end of year performances are a great opportunity to introduce the students to performance with choreography, costumes, music and of course an audience!

Hip Hop – for fun and great exercise!

James Kim brings a new, fresh approach to Hip Hop at Gym Star. Hip hop dance is made up of contemporary dance moves and combinations choreographed to pop music.  Hip hop teams are also popular in high schools as a form of competitive dance. It is a good workout that feels good!

Music is food for the soul

One of the most beneficial aspects of dance is the incorporation of movement to music.  Feeling the beat of the music – whether classical or contemporary – leads to better coordination.  Learning to count notes and measures of the music when learning choreography is great brain exercise.  And just the exposure to classical music through the study of ballet broadens music appreciation and introduces the concept of musical complexity. So whether you have the grace of a butterfly or two left feet, the exposure to and the appreciation of music is an added bonus to the study of dance.